2020/2021 Application Round Now Open

The 2020/2021 MelPoPP round is now open for applications. Deadline for applications is midnight CET on 31 January 2021. Click here for full information about how to apply.

Successful PhD candidates will have the opportunity to gain a joint PhD from the University of Melbourne and the University of Potsdam, spending time in Australia and in Germany being jointly supervised by research groups at the University of Melbourne’s School of BioSciences, the University of Potsdam’s Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, and at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology.

PhD candidates in the programme undertake projects that are jointly supervised by group leaders in Melbourne and in Potsdam. Click here to view the profiles of current PhD candidates in the MelPoPP program.

6 joint projects are available in the 2020/2021 application round. Click here for full information. Download the PDF for more information about each project, noting that applicants have the opportunity to nominate two projects of interest in their application.

Joint Projects 2019/2020: > PDF with detailed project information

Project code Project title Supervisors
P1_BE+JH+JL+MS_1220 Understanding how plants
mobilize carbon to build
Berit Ebert (UoM),
Joshua Heazlewood (UoM),
John Lunn (MPI-MP),
Mark Stitt (MPI-MP)
How are phytoplankton
metabolism and composition
affected by seawater
Heroen Verbruggen (UoM),
Ute Roessner (UoM), Harry McClelland (UoM,
Zoran Nikoloski (UP)
P3_JG+MH+JL_1220 Role of sugar signalling in
the control of seed size
John Golz (UoM),
Mike Haydon (UoM),
John Lunn (MPI-MP)
P4_MP+DW+ML_1220 Reclaiming the lost genetic
diversity in barley
Pourkheirandish (UoM), Dirk Walther (MPI-MP/UP)
Michael Lenhard (MPI-MP/UP)
P5_MW+ZN_1220 How do plant roots sense
and adapt to soil water? An
experimental and modelling
study using root cap cells
Michelle Watt (UoM),
Zoran Nikoloski (MPI-MP/UP)
P6_UR+JK+JH_1220 How translational
mechanisms contribute to
low temperature acclimation
in plants
Ute Roessner (UoM), Joshua Heazlewood (UoM),
Joachim Kopka (MPI-MP)